Friday, March 28, 2008

RTMP - Protocol Flavours

With the development of Adobe flash media server and Red5 flash server new protocols are also coming in picture.
Here are some protocols for streaming of Audio/Video using Flash media server and Red5.

RTMP Real Time Messaging Protocol

RTMP is a TCP based propriety protocol developed by Adobe System for the purpose of streaming Audio/Video data between Flash Player and media server.

RTMPT Real Time Messaging Protocol with Tunnel

RTMPT is a variation of RTMP which works behind the firewall as well. It works on Port 80 and encapsulate the RTMP data in HTTP request.

RTMPS Real Time Messaging Protocol Secure

RTMPS is again a variation of RTMP which works over secure HTTPS connection.

RTMPE Real Time Messaging Protocol with Encryption

RTMPE is a new 128 bit encrypted protocol developed by Adobe systems for securing the stream data between flash client and server. It's lightweight than SSL.
It's a DRM solution from Adobe for flash.

RTMPTE Real Time Messaging Protocol with Encryption and Tunnel

RTMPTE is a RTMPE tunneling over HTTP on port 80.

MRTMP Multiplex Real Time Messaging protocol

Multiplex RTMP is a protocol between edge and origin, developed by Red5 for clustering of stream data using Terracotta.

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Moorthy said...

RTMFP is a Real-Time Media Flow Protocol which is a new communication protocol from Adobe that enables direct end user to end user peering communication between multiple Adobe Flash Players. FAQ on RTMFP

PMP Certification said...

Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Macromedia for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server

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