Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cool New Flex Chat Component with Red5 Server Support and Much More

Ready to experience a cool new Flex Chat application which supports Red5 server and makes your chatting more fun by adding exciting features? Let's first take a look of it and then I will talk in detail about the features it provides.

Did you like the interface? I guess, yes. A simple yet powerful user interface which adds more power to your text chat. Like various messengers, this application also provides features like font size ( You can select from a predefined range of font size), font types, colors, font weight and smileys. Sounds cool?

The color picker component added in this application lets you make your text chat more colorful. Now you have so many colors to choose from.

The combobox of Font types lets you select all available font types of your machine. So you will never get bored seeing same font again and again while chatting. Other than font types, The 'Bold' and 'Italic' buttons are also provided in the interface just next to colorpicker.

Now comes to most exciting feature of this application, the Smileys support. It supports upto 30 smileys and code is written in such a way that you can easily extend it to support as may smileys as you wish. Just select any emotion icon to bring emotions to your text chat.

The application works with Red5 server and also provides the functionality of one-to-one (private) and/or one-to-many (public) chat. I have not yet uploaded the source of this application anywhere. In case you are interested to explore this cool app, you can shoot a mail to sunil_gupta20801 AT yahoo.co.in.

Monday, September 06, 2010

FatCow.com - The Perfect Web Hosting and Domain Name Services

FatCow.com! Looks like a website selling fatty cows. But it is not that. People who are in website hosting and domain name stuffs already aware of FatCow. In case, you are not aware of it, let me tell you. FatCow is perfect solution for all your website hosting needs. It is one of the very popular web hosting and domain name service provider operating from more than a decade.

The best about their offerings is that they always care about the complete satisfaction of their customers. As FatCow speaks about self - FatCow Web Hosting plan has provided reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses. As a very satisfied customer, I completely agree to what they speak.

What this Holy Cow brings to you? Well there is so much to offer. All I can list here few fantastic services offered by them at very affordable and low cost. I am sure you would be very happy to read the words "Low Cost and affordable". Yes, it is true. Here are some of the Web Hosting offerings of FatCow-
  • Unlimited Disk Space - You will never run out of space.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - No matter what you provide to your customer, you will never be down.
  • FREE Domain Name - Did you hear the word Free?
  • Simple-to-use site builders - From a simple user to a techie like me, everyone can play with it.
  • Easy online store tools - That's all you need. Isn't it?
  • Blogs, photo galleries - Keeps you smart in web world.
  • Legendary Support - 24x7. That's what makes them ahead of others.
Eager to read more, then check the complete list of FatCow Products & Services. If you are into small business, then FatCow is best for you. POP Mailboxes, Dedicated Server , Search Engine Ad Credits, Social Networking Ad Credits, 30 days Money Back Guarantee etc. is something you can not ignore. The services you can rely upon. They always try to provide the best solutions to their customers. For example- the very new - 100% Wind-Powered Web Hosting - All their offices and data centers are 100% powered by wind energy. You will actually feel proud to know that the machines hosting your website and email are fully eco-friendly!

The latest offerings of FatCow is their unlimited hosting plan, which is now only $55 per year. It is 35% off of their normal price of $88 per year. So you are spending less than 5$ in a month. That’s make FatCow, one of the cheapest and best hosting services available.

I think, I will keep web hosting reviews short only. If you are looking for web hosting and domain name services, then my recommendation would be FatCow- The holy cows will help your business grow like anything.

Friday, July 10, 2009

FlashComGuru Releases Flex Whiteboard Component for Red5

FlashComGuru recently ported their Flex and FMS based Whiteboard component to work with Red5, an open source flash media server.

Red5 Whiteboard
The new Red5 based whiteboard component has every feature which exist in FMS based whiteboard component. The price is also same for both FMS and Red5 based version. In Red5 based whiteboard component, you get SWC and full sources for the server side which is written in Java.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Red5 and Java RTMPClient Problems

One more day passed and I am still struggling with Java RTMPClient to make it properly work with Red5. Started with red5 v0.6.2 and checked up to v0.8 but the problem is still there. I did not get success passing parameters to connect method.
The connect method is working without any parameters, i.e. connect(String server, int port, String application, IPendingServiceCallback connectCallback) and what I need is connect(String server, int port, Map connectionParams, IPendingServiceCallback connectCallback). When i am passing a HashMap to connect method, i am not able to get any parameters on the server side. Inside connect method in Red5, the params[] is of size 0. It's really frustating. It means, i am not able to validate the user before connecting it to Red5. It means, anonymous connection can be made to application and then reject or accept them later accordingly.
Ok, so i thought, i will do this way, but here my problem does not ends. What i am doing now is accepting connection to each user and in callback function, i am sending user credentials from Java client and if those credentials are not correct, i am rejecting this client.
Now once the client is accepted and i have to invoke couple of methods on server. The problem starts again. Invoke() function does not work as expected. It's working only from within the connectCallback block.

public void resultReceived( IPendingServiceCall call ) {
// If you call invoke() from here. it works.

It means, I call invoke methods from within this block and not from outside of this block. Then I Googled and found many people facing the same problem. The only working solution was http://www.nabble.com/Re%3A-RTMPClient.invoke%28%29-p15075904.html

It's bad to see not much progress on Java RTMPClient in Red5 from so long. I tested with different versions and upto latest one and everywhere it's same. I am still doing workarounds to let RTMPClient working in my application. :(

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